Introducing MindLenses Professional for cognitive rehabilitation

MindLenses Professional is an evidence-based device for post-stroke care.

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6 Reasons Why Our Clients Love MindLenses

MindLenses is a first-of-its-kind cognitive rehabilitation device, combining non-invasive neuromodulation, behavioral therapy, neuropsychological tests and patient management software.

MindLenses has received clearance as a Class I medical device from the Italian Ministry of Health and Conformité Européenne (CE) Mark certification in Europe.

Soluzioni riabilitazione neurologica psicologi
For Professionals
Are you a rehabilitation professional? MindLenses Professional is a plus for your business. MindLenses is used by neurology specialists, psychologists and neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and physiotherapists.
Soluzioni riabilitazione neurologiche per cliniche
For Clinics
MindLenses is made to work together. If you work in a medium-sized clinic, thanks to the multi-operator functionality, you can use MindLenses Professional with multiple colleagues. Perfect for teams working in senior homes, communities or day care centers.
Soluzioni riabilitazione neurologiche per ospedale
For Hospitals
Large structures can use MindLenses from the stroke unit to the ward, from the outpatient regime to home therapies. MindLenses shortens the hospitalization time and the duration of the single session, allowing to increase the number of patients followed.
4 unique functionalities

The most advanced device for cognitive rehabilitation

MindLenses Professional is the world's first tool that combines digital cognitive rehabilitation and non-invasive neuromodulation. Serious games and e-Health software complete a powerful, unique device that will make your business stand out and be appreciated by your patients.

Digital test
Serious Games
e-Health Software

The heart of our technology

the latest discoveries - straight from research


Non-invasive neuromodulation is our flagship technology. Thanks to a special prismatic adaptation protocol which non-invasively stimulates the patients’ brain, behavioral cognitive rehabilitation can be carried out with maximum effectiveness.

effective cognitive training

Serious Games

Serious games are exercises built to tap on specific cognitive functions, adapting their difficulty to the player's level.


Digital assessment

All our tests for neuropsychological evaluation are performed on tablets and are used to verify the patient's cognitive health status. They can be performed with one of our devices, or at any other time chosen by the professional.


Software e-Health

Our products are born digital. Your medical records and therapy monitoring reports are safe in the cloud . This allows you to view the photograph of the patient's cognitive health at any time.

Bring digital cognitive rehabilitation into your clinical practice

Are you a psychologist, neurologist, or cognitive health and rehabilitation professional? Come and find out how digital cognitive rehabilitation brings value to your business! Fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible for a personalized interview.

Come and find out how digital cognitive rehabilitation brings value to your business!
Fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible for a personalized interview.