Advanced technology for cognitive rehabilitation


Advanced technology for cognitive rehabilitation


The best products for cognitive rehabilitation

Digital rehabilitation: powerful and effective

We design and develop advanced medical devices for cognitive rehabilitation. Our roots run deep in neuroscience and biomedical research. Our products are inspired by the latest ideas in digital therapeutics: they combine seamless user experiences for health professionals while maximizing the efficacy and benefit of their patients.

Health Professional

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The Health Clinic

Thanks to the multi-user mode, one single MindLenses device can be used by teams working in residential facilities, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

The Hospital

MindLenses shortens the time needed for single rehabilitation sessions, increasing overall treatment capacity.


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Our company: from research to clinical practice (and return)

Our story

Restorative Neurotechnologies was born out of a research lab and years of experience in a rehabilitation clinic. The two never ceased to communicate and contaminate each other. Our cognitive rehabilitation protocols are designed and developed by a multi-disciplinary team from the fields of neurology, neuropsychology and engineering.

The heart of our technology

the latest discoveries - straight from research


Non-invasive neuromodulation is our flagship technology. Thanks to a special prismatic adaptation protocol which non-invasively stimulates the patients’ brain, behavioral cognitive rehabilitation can be carried out with maximum effectiveness.

effective cognitive training

Serious Games

Serious games are exercises built to tap on specific cognitive functions, adapting their difficulty to the player's level.


Digital assessment

All our tests for neuropsychological evaluation are performed on tablets and are used to verify the patient's cognitive health status. They can be performed with one of our devices, or at any other time chosen by the professional.


Software e-Health

Our products are born digital. Your medical records and therapy monitoring reports are safe in the cloud . This allows you to view the photograph of the patient's cognitive health at any time.

Cognitive Neuromodulation →

What is non-invasive neuromodulation? Is it safe? How does it work in practice? All the answers to your questions on this page.


Find out how the unique combination of games, learning and digital therapy is revolutionizing the field of cognitive training.

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