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from research to applied cognitive rehabilitation

At Restorative Neurotechnologies, we think that preserving cognitive health is essential for a modern and integrated approach to medicine. Every day, we strive to give health professionals and their patients the very best tools to care for it.

We combine a research-oriented mindset with a sound knowledge of clinical practices in neurocognitive rehabilitation. All of our products are digital-first.

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We think that taking care of people's health begins with the way we organize our work. 
This is why we have chosen to equip ourselves with a certified Quality Management System: we have implemented in particular the Standard ISO 13485:2016, i.e. the Quality Management System for Medical Device Manufacturers – the internationally recognized standard for systems of quality management in the field of medical devices
Our "work in quality" with measurable processes, structured and traceable also enhances the value of the solutions we bring to our clients and their patients.

Our team
Massimiliano Oliveri
Massimiliano Oliveri CEO
Massimiliano is a neurologist and professor at the University of Palermo. Formerly at Harvard, he is a world-renowned scientist and one the the pioneers in the field of prismatic adaptation.
Agnese di Garbo
Agnese Di Garbo Clinical Manager
Agnese is a clinical psychologist with a passion for research. She's the link between clinical practice and our R&D activities.
Gabriele Chiaramonte
Gabriele Chiaramonte Product Manager
Gabriele is a psychologist and an expert in digital therapies. He designs our serious games for cognitive rehabilitation and coordinates the product development team.
Augusto Cammarota
Augusto Cammarota Senior Developer
Augusto is a computer scientist. He works on everything server and cloud behind the scenes of MindLenses Professional.
Antonello Guarco
Antonello Guarco Sales & Market Asset Director
Antonello has a 20-years long experience in the pharma and medical sector. He's responsible of our commercial strategy.
Martina Puppi è la responsabile della comunicazione di Restorative Neurotechnologies.
Martina Puppi Marketing & Communication Manager
Martina has a background in cognitive science and business administration. She coordinates external communications and she's to be found usually on a bike.
Francesco Chierici
Francesco Chierici G&A and Finance PMO
Francesco is a biomedical engineer and fellow of the Collège des Ingénieurs.
He deals with the administration and project management of the finance and tenders area.
Maddalena Sommadossi
Maddalena Sommadossi Content Writer
With a background in psychology and UX, and experience in the start-up environment in Amsterdam, Maddalena takes care of the ideation and writing of content.
Sergio Bianchi
Sergio Bianchi Senior Developer
A programmer for as long as he can remember, Sergio develops the web part of MindLenses Professional.
enrica de cecco
Enrica De Cecco Business Development Manager
Enrica, biomedical IT and Neuroscience PhD, deals with networking and patient advocacy activities.
Francesco Lo Bianco Business Development Manager
Always active in the community with his Psychologists Network organization, Francesco is the link between MindLenses and the professional development of psychologists and psychotherapists.
Marianna Longo
Marianna Longo Inside Sales Manager
Marianna got her PhD in Life Sciences in Scotland and she is a fellow of the Collège des Ingénieurs. She is responsible for sales and after-sales support, and she manages customer relationships and activities (such as the Restorative Academy).
OUR Scientific Committee
Stefano Paolucci
Stefano Paolucci President of the Italian Society of Neurological Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Unit Director, IRCSS Santa Lucia (Rome)
Gabriella Bottini
Gabriella Bottini Università degli Studi di Pavia, Director of Center for Cognitive Neuropsychology, Niguarda Hospital (Milan)
vincenzo di lazzaro
Vincenzo Di Lazzaro NeurologY Professor, Director of Graduate School of Neurology, Università Campo Bio-Medico (Rome)
Stefano Paolucci
Stefano Paolucci Rehabilitation Unit Director, IRCSS Santa Lucia, Rome
Alvaro Pascual Leone
Alvaro Pascual Leone Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School, USA