Serious Games for cognitive function recovery

Our game experts develop special game that target specific cognitive functions, such as memory, language and attention. Through play, normal ability is recovered faster and more effectively.

Cognitive training based on video-games
The balance between rehabilitation, training and play!

What are Serious Games

Our serious games are special exercises that use play to train the player toward a specific therapeutic goal. The goal for these neuro-rehabilitation games is cognitive function recovery.

giochi cognitivi riabilitazione
combined with neuromodulation

Brain training is even more effective

Our serious games are cognitive exercises helping patients to recover or improve memory, cognition, and other cognitive functions.

Brain training App

Do you want to try serious games without being a cognitive rehabilitation professional or a patient, but for simple enhancement?

Now it's possible!
We have developed modly, a free app that contains some of our serious games, in different and re-adapted form, for those who want to train on memory and math tasks.

Applicazione per riabilitazione post ictus

Frequently asked questions

Our serious games are not simple games, but real digital therapies developed by specialized doctors and psychologists.

Serious games do not cure cognitive impairment by themselves: they can bring improvements if carried out under the supervision of a specialist, especially if part of a structured therapy – for example that with MindLenses Professional.


The term serious games is a well-known and widely used term in scientific literature.

We are constantly updating our games and exercises. For now, there are numerous video-games for the main cognitive functions relating to attention, language, memory, the various executive functions.

It takes only a few minutes to play, and the frequency is dictated by the needs of the therapy.

It depends, because there are many different types of cognitive training.

In general, we can say that serious games are the only ones to combine the playful aspect with a very specific functional target, in our case a specific cognitive function.

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