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Test your cognitive faculties with a selection of cognitive tests and serious games for the stimulation of attention, memory, executive functions and much more

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Use the cognitive tests available to assess your cognitive functions
There will always be evaluation tests for at least 2 cognitive areas

Note the progress

Evaluate your performance at two-week intervals to assess changes and progress
What to do in the meantime? Try our serious games!


Play our serious games and test your attention, memory and reasoning skills
Our games are designed in collaboration with neurorehabilitation experts to effectively enhance cognitive functions

Dynamic difficulty

A dynamic difficulty algorithm studies your responses as you play the games to provide you with increasingly challenging stimuli. If you find the game very difficult, don't worry, it means you're really good at it!

Every device

Whether it's a smartphone or a tablet, it doesn't matter! Any device is suitable to download Modly. No subscription and no registration, you need to connect to your Google Play Store and download our app. It's simple, just one click!

Offline mode

You're on vacation and you don't have a connection? Did you finish the jigs on your smartphone? No problem!
After installation, our application does not need any Internet connection. Enjoy your trip while keeping your mind active!

Seasonal bookcase

The games vary with each season. You'll find new tests and new games to try, just update the app!

stay updated

Did we just replace your favorite game? Don't worry about it! We'll be cyclically re-proposing tests and games from past seasons, adding new ones too!

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