Non-invasive neuromodulation

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Massimiliano Oliveri

Corporate role: CEO

Academic career: Lecturer at Università degli Studi di Palermo

Talents: Smart professor and sports enthusiast

Gabriele Chiaramonte

Corporate role: Product Manager

Academic career: Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, Unipa

Talents: Active, curious and tenacious. Passionate about music, sports and video games

Rosario Emanuele Bonaventura

Corporate role: Research manager

Academic career: PhD student «Health Promotion and Cognitive Science», Unipa

Talents: Strong problem solving skills in different work contexts, "geek" and creative

Agnese Di Garbo

Corporate role: Responsabile clinica

Academic career: Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, Unipa

Talents: Excellent interpersonal and management skills, tenacious and determined

Augusto Cammarota

Corporate role: IT Manager

Academic career: Programming expert

Talents: Creative and organized

Andrea Balestra

Corporate role: Business development

Academic career: Management Engineer, MBA

Talents: Curious and passionate

Pietro Puglisi

Business: Founder Claris Ventures

Advice: Business advisor

Academic career: Biomedical Engineer, MBA

Alice Ravizza

Business: Founder Use-me-d Srl

Advice: She follows the ministerial practices of medical certification and product conformity

Academic career: Bio-engineer and University Lecturer with experience in the field of certification of innovative medical devices

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