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Summit 02 Dic

Eit-Health Summit Paris

The annual Eit-health summit has just concluded in Paris, bringing together the best ideas and emerging companies in the field of med-tech.

Conference 16 Nov

Mensa Italia conference

Intelligence and brain:
what we know and how we can intervene

Acknowledgement 10 Nov

Restorative wins Headstart

The Sicilian start-up wins first place in the Lisbon awards ceremony

Photogallery 26 Ott

"Psychologists in Piazza"

Inside photos and videos of the 2019 event in Piazza Verdi, Palermo

News 14 Ott

Official the beginning of the clinical trial

It will take place at the San Raffaele Giglio di Cefalù

Photogallery 10 Ott

The 4T of Turin ended

Inside the complete program and photogallery of the event

News 14 Set

Medical Device Certification

mindlenses professional is one of the class I medical devices

Acknowledgement 29 Lug

Tennis Innovation Challenge Award

mindlenses for sport awarded at the end of WTA finals

Photogallery 01 Lug

The first demo-day has ended

Read the report and explore the event photogallery

Acknowledgement 24 Giu

Eit-health | Headstart

Restorative Neurotechnologies chosen among the winning start-ups

News 20 Mag

Closed first round of investment

Concluded a deal with SocialFare Seed for 110k

News 25 Mar

Patent application

Complete and file the intellectual property files of mindlenses professional

Photogallery 24 Gen

Social Impact Investor-day

Restorative Neurotechnologies introduced itself to the world of investors

News 12 Dic

Restorative Neurotechnologies is born

Registered the innovative start-up with a social background, university spin-off

News 24 Set

Start the acceleration path

Chosen the project mindlenses professional that will be developed in the next 4 months

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See a brief collection of the most important scientific work on the mechanism of action of prismatic lenses
More than 25 years of multi-centre research

Research 12 2019

Investigating prismatic adaptation effects in handgrip strength and in plantar pressure in healthy subjects

Bonaventura R.E., Giustino V., Chiaramonte G., Giustiniani A., Smirni D., Battaglia G., Messina G., Oliveri M.

Research 09 2019

Prism adaptation enhances decoupling between the default mode network and the attentional networks

Meytal Wilfa, Andrea Serino, Stephanie Clarke, Sonia Crottaz-Herbette

Poster 09 2018

Prisms and Posture: Baropodometric and Stabilometric changes after Prismatic Adaptation

Giustino V, Chiaramonte G, Bonaventura RE, Oliveri M, Messina G.

Poster 09 2018

Some relationships between postural measures and cognitive functions

Bonaventura RE, Giustino V, Messina G, Oliveri M, Chiaramonte G.

Research 01 2018

Prismatic Adaptation Modulates Oscillatory EEG Correlates of Motor Preparation but Not Visual Attention in Healthy Participants

Bracco M, Veniero D, Oliveri M, Thut G.

Research 07 2017

Combining tDCS with prismatic adaptation for non-invasive neuromodulation of the motor cortex

Bracco M, Mangano GR, Turriziani P, Smirni D, Oliveri M.

Research 08 2014

Prismatic Adaptation as a Novel Tool to Directionally Modulate Motor Cortex Excitability: Evidence From Paired-pulse TMS

Magnani B, Caltagirone C, Oliveri M.

Research 05 2014

Left insular cortex and left SFG underlie prismatic adaptation effects on time perception: Evidence from fMRI

Magnani B, Frassinetti F, Dity T, Oliveri M, Costantini M, Wals V.

Research 11 2013

The role of posterior parietal cortices on prismatic adaptation effects on the representation of time intervals

Magnani B, Mangano G R, Frassinetti F, Oliveri M.

Research 01 2013

Prismatic adaptation effects on spatial representation of time in neglect patients

Oliveri M, Magnani B, Filipelli A, Avanzi S, Frassinetti F.

Research 04 2011

Time and spatial attention: effects of prism adaptation on temporal deficits in brain damaged patients

Magnani B, Oliveri M, Mancuso G, Galante E, Frassinetti F.

Research 08 2009

Prismatic lenses shift time perception

Frassinetti F, Magnani B, Oliveri M.

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The word to others
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Press 04 Dic


Seven Italian startups win the EIT Health Headstart. First place Restorative Neurotechnologies

Interview 24 Nov

Focus Live

The future of medicine for cognitive well-being
with Massimiliano Oliveri

Podcast 21 Nov

Vatican News

Glasses that enhance the brain: the invention of a staff of the University of Palermo - part two

Press 21 Nov

EIT Health Headstart

Restorative Neurotechnologies, won the 1st EIT Health HeadStart Award with the project Mindlenses Professional, a program for cognitive rehabilitation.

Press 16 Ott

When technology meets neuroscience

an effective synergy between technology and neuroscience, makes the entire therapeutic process of recovery of cognitive disorders less expensive and more profitable

Press 20 Giu

Neuroscience and technology: the startup for Restorative Neurotechnologies was born in Palermo

aims to make scientific discoveries obtained in the laboratory accessible
from Grazia La Paglia

Press 17 Giu

Restorative neurotechnologies: a new innovative startup in the med-tech sector is born in Palermo

develops innovative devices that combine neuroscience and technology for the enhancement of cognitive functions

Press 11 Feb

From Harvard to Palermo, history of glasses that help stroke and dyslexia sufferers

Technological transfer made in the South. That works
from Antonio Piemontese

Press 25 Gen

Social Impact Investor Day: SocialFare presents social impact startups to investors

Here are the new startups of the Foundamenta#6 acceleration program