Final pitch session Headstart Funding | Lisbona 2019

Headstart Funding Finals 2019

EIT Health is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) established by the European Institute of Innovation&Technology (EIT).The goal of EIT Health is to contribute to strengthen healthcare systems in Europe, improve the quality of life of Europe’s citizens and contribute to a sustainable health economy. The focus is on training the workforce of tomorrow, and overcoming fragmentation of the healthcare sector in Europe.
Così si descrive Eit-Health, connubbio tra tecnologia e sanità. In questa descrizione rientra perfettamente Restorative Neurotechnologies, azieda produttrice di dispositivi medici tecnologici per la riabilitazione ed il potenziamento cognitivo. Quest'anno Restorative parteciperà alla finale di Headstart Funding a Lisbona

L'evento i svolgerà Mercoledì 6 Novembre 2019 presso il "Pavilhão do Conhecimento" (in foto) dalle 16:00 alle 19:00, ecco l'agenda dettagliata:

- 16:00 | Welcome Session | Pitch Round I
- 17:20 | Coffee Break | Pitch Round II
- 19:00 | Closing Words
- 19:00-20:00 | The program continues with EIT Health Networking Dinner including the Award Ceremony (please register separately)

Ecco l'elenco delle start-up selezionate:

Allelica - Genomic Risk Prediction of Coronary Artery Disease (IT)
Biomedicallab - PD-Watch, the watch for Parkinson's disease (IT)
BrainScan - using artifical intelligence to improve the efficiency of interpretations of Brain CT Scans (PL)
DELOX - Automatic bio-decontamination for everyone, everywhere (PT)
Ergobyte Informatics - Galen Reasoner: Automated medication recommendation and cross-check (GR)
MERITPOSITION - GERICAREPRO: software to support the management and health care in Geriatrics, Palliative and Continuing Care Units (PT)
MOODIKA - smartDONOR: application created designed to improve the blood donation system (IT)
MyHabeats - is a smartphone application designed especially for post obesity surgery patients (GR)
Plusimple - communication and engagement platform in healthcare for associations, professionals and structures (IT)
Restorative Neurotechnologies - Mindlenses for cognitive rehabilitation Mindlenses for cognitive rehabilitation (IT)
RIATLAS - OncoSmart a digital application for patients with cancer (IT)
SensoriumLab - System for early detection of pleural effusion in outpatients (PL)
SkinSoul - saving lives with AI skin cancer diagnosis (PT)
Wisify - Tech Solutions - Lipowise - a smart and accurate tool for localized, low-cost and fast body fat screening (PT)